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May 19, 2001
Note from Blair Baker: have added several new names and updated many of the current ones, thanks to the painstaking research recently conducted by Ruth Young of Jamaica Twp., Vermilion Co., IL (see Sources at the bottom of this page). I asked Ruth to focus on the spouses and descendents of Apollos S. Baker and I received an abundance of additional information including Henry Speers Baker. In addition to what has been added to this page, Ruth provided extensive information for the Voorhees line. For the complete notes provided by Ruth Young, click here (Adobe .pdf format).

The following is small snapshot based on extensive genealogical research into the following Baker family line covering over 300 years. Should you have any questions or need additional information, just e-mail me and I will be happy to respond. I have numerous artifacts, pictures and other items I will be glad to share with you. Please report any errors. Good luck in your search!

If you don't have the Acrobat Reader installed on your system, click here to go to Adobe's web site and download it for free. Or, send me an e-mail and I can provide the documents in any format you want.

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Baker, Aaron

Baker, Alpheus

Baker, Ann

Baker, Apollos S.

Baker, Asenath

Baker, Blair

Baker, Byron

Baker, Byron R., Jr.

Baker, Byron R., Sr.

Baker, Charles E.

Baker, Charles Virgil

Baker, Clara Bell

Baker, Cora May

Baker, David

Baker, Earl B.

Baker, Earl M.

Baker, Edith Emma

Baker, Edward David

Baker, Elizabeth

Baker, Emeline

Baker, Enoch

Baker, Enoch P.

Baker, Eunice

Baker, Froman C.

Baker, Frank R.

Baker, Fred Cooper

Baker, George A.

Baker, Hannah

Baker, Henry Raymond

Baker, Henry S.

Baker, Hiram

Baker, Howard Byron

Baker, Israel

Baker, Jane

Baker, Jesse

Baker, Jill F.

Baker, John

Baker, Mahlon

Baker, Mary

Baker, Nancy

Baker, Nathan

Baker, Nehemiah

Baker, Phebe

Baker, Phebe

Baker, Rachel

Baker, Ralph Leslie

Baker, Joseph, Jr.

Baker, Joseph, Sr.

Baker, Julie

Baker, Lydia

Baker, Richard

Baker, Ruth

Baker, Sarah

Baker, Simon S.

Baker, Sophia

Baker, Stephen

Baker, Susannah

Baker, Thomas J.

Baker, William

Baker, Zachariah

Baxter, Guy

Beebe, Mable

Benjamin, Horace

Black, Mary

Blair, Henry M.

Blair, Katherine

Blair, Lucile

Blair, Mable

Boggess, Mary

Boggess, Nettie Elizabeth

Boggess, Perry

Brown, Earl M.

Broomall, Daniel

Calvert, Capt. Daniel

Camel, Katherine

Clark, Clara L.

Clark, Nancy

Clark, Silas

Cooper, Elizabeth

Cooper, James

Corwin, Elizabeth

Corwin, Mary

Craig, Jane

Davis, Methusalem

Doak, Mattie E.

Dunn, Daniel

Dunn, Samuel

Edwards, John

Edwards, Mary

Edwards, Moses

Edwards, Thomas

Evans, Cad.

Hamilton, Sarah Amanda

Holston, Marha

Hoopes, Jane

Horn, J. Newton

Horton, Thomas

Howell, Abraham

Howell, Jonathan

Hughes, William

Hunter, Alexander

Hunter, Elizabeth

Hunter, Hannah

Ingram, Mary

Jackson, Mary

Jarvis, Joseph

Jennings, Elizabeth

Jones, Celia

Jordan, Hannah

Jordan, Ruth

Kennedy, Ann

Linton, Josua

Long, Celia

Long, Levi

Long, Sarah F.

McCleary, Winnifred L.

McCullough, James Taylor

McCullough, Norma

McDonough, Mary

McIntyre, Jane

Mendenhall, Philip

Morris, Mary

Ottey, Ann

Ottey, John

Ottey, Philip

William, Penn

Perkins, Mable Grey

Pierce, George Colonel

Pyle, Eliza

Richardson, Nehemiah

Robins, Jane

Robins, Joseph

Robins, Margaret

Ruble, Abagail

Sill, Ann

Sill, George

Sill, James

Sill, John

Sill, Mary

Sill, Michael

Sill, Martha

Sill, Richard

Slusher, Christopher

Speers, Apollos

Speers, Margaret

Strouse, Sara Ann

Taylor, John

Thomas, Ann Davis

Thomas, Thomas

Thomas, William

Townsend, Benjamin

Voorhees, Albert

White, Benjamin

Woodward, Edward

Woodward, Jane

Woodward, Joseph

Woodward, Martha

Woodward, Mary

Woodward, Richard

Woodward, Sarah

Woodward, Thomas

Worrall, John

Yarnall, Aaron

Yarnall, Francis

Yarnall, Francis, Jr.

Yarnall, Jane

Yarnall, Joseph

Yarnall, Hannah

Yarnall, Mary

Yarnall, Thomas

Young, Ruth



Special Note:
The identity of the ancestors of the following Bakers are currently in doubt. Several resources indicate 2 different possible scenarios and until further research or discoveries uncover anything new, these guesses will not be published here. One scenario has it that this Baker clan descends generations as far back as Thomas Baker of the Weald of Kent, in Southeast England, where he bought the manor at Sissinghurst in 1490. Many thanks go out to Norma Baker McCullough, for her tireless work in assembling one of the most comprehensive profiles of the Baker name. I encourage all Baker relatives to obtain a copy of her book entitled; The Bakers of Sissinghurst and Other Relatives. I am providing the book information at the bottom of this page.

Note: An asterisk * indicates the particular lineage for the writer of this web page.

John Baker and wife Mary

Born: Abt. 1648 in Edgmond, Shropshire, England
Died: Abt. 1685

Married: Mary (unk.)

Residence: Edgemont

Buried: Not known at present

Children: John had 4 daughters, whether by marriage to Mary is currently unknown.


The following Abstract is not yet confirmed as being part of this lineage:

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 Abstracts of Philadelphia Co., PA Wills, 1682-1726, Will Abstracts

BAKER, JOHN. Late of Edgmond in Shropshire in old England. Husbandman. January 12, 1684. June 31, 1685. A. 19. Wife's name is not given. Estate to children Rebecka, Mary, Dorothy and Sarah. Executors: Dennis Rothford, his brother Joseph Baker and Evan Oliver.

Witnesses: Joseph Brow, William Roules, Dennes Rothford.


Moving to America

Joseph Baker and several other Baker relatives joined William Penn's Colony in the new America. Also on the trip were: John, Jr., Joseph (Sr.), Hannah, Mary and Sarah. They bought land from Penn before leaving England but he admonished everyone to barter with the Indians separately to preserve peaceful relations.

Joseph Baker, Sr. and Martha (Woodward) Baker of Edgmont

Special Note: Information available for Joseph and Martha Baker and their children is quite extensive. Please e-mail me for more details.

Joseph Baker
Born: 1 mo. 1, 1674, probably Shropshire, England
Died: Jan. 17, 1735/6
Married: Martha Woodward ca 1698, Chester County, PA
Residence: Settled in Edgmont Township
Buried: Probably in Middletown, Edgmont Township, Chester County, PA
Click here to view the Last Will and Testament of Joseph Baker.


Joseph Baker first appeared among taxables in Edgmont Township, Chester County in 1696. On 9 mo. 24,1702, he purchased 100 acres of land in Upper Providence from Samuel Robinet, and appears to have lived there a short time, but returning to Edgmont he sold the above lands to Charles Booth of Marple for 110#, by deed of Feb. 29,1703/4. He died Jan. 17,1735/6, aged 62 years 16 days, according to the Baker Bible record. (Copy of Bible record)


The following Abstract is not yet confirmed:

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1713-1748, Will Abstracts

JACKSON, ROGER. Chester. January 23, 1711. November 15, 1715. A. 27. To friends Joseph Baker Sr. of Edgmont and Thomas Powell of Providence all my lotts of land in and near Chichester and dwelling house and lotts in Chester and all other real estate in trust to be sold and proceeds divided among such or so many of my relations in England as shall within 7 years come over here. Executors: Thomas Powell and Joseph Baker. Letters to Baker the other being deceased.

Witnesses: John Baldwin, Nicholas Fairlamb, John Remington and David Lloyd.

Martha Woodward
Born: Jan. 31, 1676
Died: Dec. 13, 1775 (aged 98 years, 11 months, and 13 days)
Married: Joseph Baker, ca 1698
Residence: Settled in Edgmont Township
Buried: Unknown
Note: Daughter of Richard and Jane Nayle Woodward of Middletown, PA. Richard (b. ca 1636, Worcestershire, England/d. Oct. 10, 1706, Middletown, PA) Jane (b. ca 1637/d. Dec. 13, 1715). Richard and Jane married ca 1669. Martha left Chester County Monthly Meeting to marry Joseph.


Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1713-1748, Will Abstracts

WOODWARD, RICHARD. Middletown, Chester Co. Yeoman. September 6, 1706. January 8, 1706/7. C. 45.

Other children Thomas, Jane, Mary, Sarah and Martha, wife of --- Baker.

Executors: Wife Jane and son Joseph. Overseers: Sons Richard and Edward.

Witnesses: Joseph Jarvis, John Worrilaw, James Cooper.

The twelve children of Joseph and Martha (Woodward) Baker were:

Mary Baker
Born: Jan. 26, 1699 in Providence, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
Died: Nov. 12, 1728
Married: Francis Yarnall, Jr. (b. 3 mo. 24, 1694/d. 8 mo. 8, 1775) Jan. 25, 1717. Son of Francis and Hannah (Baker) Yarnall. He later married widow, Mary Morris.
Children: Hannah, Joseph, Jane, Aaron.

Richard Baker
Born: Sept. 21, 1700
Died: 1731, Edgmont Township, PA
Married: Elizabeth Hunter, daughter of Alexander and Hannah Hunter, of Middletown, PA.

Richard died young and left a sizable estate to his widow and 3 children.

Elizabeth later married Charles Moore.
Note: Will information available.

Aaron Baker
Born: Dec. 2, 1701
Died: 1783, Edgemont Township, PA
Married: Mary Edwards (b. 1703) on 11 mo. 9, 1727. Daughter of John and Mary (Ingram) Edwards.
Residence: Settled in E. Marlborough Township, PA. Later moved to Londongrove Township, where he died.

Children (known): John, Mary, Martha, Esther, Aaron and Samuel.


Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1778-1800, Will Abstracts

BAKER, AARON. Londongrove. March 15, 1783. September 27, 1783. Provides for wife Mary. To the 3 children of son John, deceased, 15 to be divided. To daughter Mary 40 and to her 6 children 120 to be divided. To daughter Martha 100. To daughter Esther 100. To son Aaron 2/3 of my lands, that is 50 acres in W. Marlboro and my now dwelling plantation in Londongrove. To son Samuel 1/3 of the said land. To grandson Aaron Baker, my gun.

Executors: Sons Aaron, Samuel.

Witnesses: Moses Edwards, Thomas Edwards.

Ann Baker
Born: Aug. 18, 1703, Middletown, Edgmont Township, PA
Died: July 16, 1796, Edgemont Township, PA
Married: James Sill, ca 1721, a sawyer by trade (b. ca 1700 in England, or Wales/d. 1774 in Edgemont Township). Son of John Sill who died in 1753, Chester County.

Children (known): Ann, George, Richard, Mary, Martha and James


Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1778-1800, Will Abstracts

SILL, ANN. Edgmont. September 2, 1779. No date of probate. To daughter Ann Cannady 10 etc. To son George silver buckles and sleeve buttons. To son Richard tea kettle. To daughter Mary Moris pewter plates, etc. To daughter Martha Houlston arm chair, etc. To granddaughter Ledy Sill my saddle. To granddaughter Sarah Cannady chinaware.

Executors: Brother Nehemiah Baker, son James. No record of letters.

Witnessed: Lydia Baker, Joseph Robins.

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1748-1766, Will Abstracts

SILL, JAMES. Edgmont. July 3, 1772. April 15, 1774. Provides for wife Ann. To son James plantation in Edgmont subject to wife's life interest. To son Joseph 20. To son Richard 20, also all interest due me at my decease. To sons George and Michael 20 each. To daughters Mary Morris, Martha Holston and Ann Kennedy 20 each. To grandson James Regester 20 for services he did for me. Executors to sell plantation in Willistown. Remainder to wife Ann and son James, also Executors.

Witnesses: Nehemiah Baker, Lydia Baker, Nathan Baker.

Susannah Baker
Born: Feb. 18, 1705/6
Died: 1735/6
Married: Unmarried

Jane Baker
Born: Dec. 7, 1706; Edgemont, Chester, PA
Died: Unknown
Married: Thomas Thomas ( b. ca 1702), eldest son of William and Ann Davis (Radnor) Thomas.

Jesse Baker
Born: Mar. 19, 1709
Died: 1789
Married: Ann Regester in 1730. Daughter of David and Lydia Regester.
Buried: Probably Middletown (Hicksite) Burial Ground.


Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1748-1766, Will Abstracts

REGESTER, DAVID. Edgmont. Yeoman. January 13, 1750. April 24, 1751. C. 276. To son Robert 5 shillings and to his son David my large Bible. To daughters Mary Jackson, Lydia Baker and Ann Baker 5 shillings each. To grandson David, son of Jesse Baker 5 at 21. To grandchildren Nathan and Lydia Scott 7 due from their father, John Scott. To son William wearing apparel and household goods. To son John my plantation in Edgmont where I live containing about 100 acres and all other estate.

Executor: Son John. Witnesses: Abel Green, Jonathan Howell, Cad. Evans.

Sarah Baker
Born: Mar. 18, 1711
Died: Oct. 15, 1750
Married: Philip Ottey (d. Oct. 5, 1750) on May 8, 1730. Son of John and Ann Ottey. Marriage record from St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chester, PA

Joseph Baker, Jr.
Born: Feb. 5, 1713
Died: 1736
Married: Unmarried


Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1713-1748, Will Abstracts

BAKER, JOSEPH. Edgmont, yeoman. July 15, 1736. August 31, 1736. B. 7. To my mother Martha Baker the rents of my plantation in Edgmont until brother John is 21 and then I devise said land 200 acres to my brothers Nehemiah and John, subject to the charges in will of my father Joseph Baker, also 10 to be paid my sister Sarah. Remainder to brothers and sisters equally.

Executor: brother Jesse Baker. Witnesses: Abraham Howell, John Taylor.

Rachel Baker
Born: Feb. 5, 1715
Died: Unknown
Married: Benjamin Hampton (b. ca 1712) on Mar. 31, 1733; at Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA.

*Nehemiah Baker

John Baker
Born: Jan. 26, 1719, Edgemont
Died: Unknown
Married: Margaret (?) (d. Apr. 18, 1795, and was buried next day in Middletown Cemetery)
Buried: Oct. 7, 1801 in Middletown Cemetery
Note: His Adm. #207, 150 1/2 with letters granted Joseph Baker and Elizabeth Baker Oct. 19, 1801.

Nehemiah Baker and Lydia (Regester) Baker

Nehemiah Baker
Born: Nov. 19, 1717
Died: 1778 in Edgemont Township, Chester, PA
Married: Lydia Regester, ca. 1741
Residence: Settled in Edgemont Township
Buried: Unknown, probably Middletown Cemetery
Note: He was a land owner in Thornbury Township in 1774. Letters of Intestacy granted Chester County 10-21-1778, B-275 to Joseph and Nehemiah Baker in estate of Lydia Baker. To these two were granted letters also 10-21-1778, Chester County, Will F-311 in estate of Nehemiah, Will dated 4-13-1778.


Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1713-1748, Will Abstracts

BAKER, NEHEMIAH. Edgmont. April 13, 1778. October 21, 1778. Provides for wife Lydia. To daughter Mary Reece 5. To son Joseph 5. To daughter Hannah Baker 5. To daughter Lydia Richardson 10. To son Nathan the north end of my plantation now in his possession containing about 40 acres, also 5. To daughter Phebe Baker 5. To son Nehemiah my plantation in Edgmont and Thornbury where I now dwell, also stock. To grandson Nehemiah Richardson 5, grandson Nehemiah Baker 5, grandson Nehemiah Reece 5. To grandson Aaron son of Nathan Baker 5 when they arrive at 21. Executors: Sons Joseph and Nehemiah.

Witnesses: Daniel Broomall, Thomas Evans.

Lydia Regester

Born: 1717 in Edgemont Township, Chester, PA
Died: October 20, 1804
Married: Nehemiah Baker, ca 1741
Buried: Unknown
Note: Daughter of David and Lydia Regester (ca 1730). This Lydia is a sister of Anne, who was the wife of Jesse Baker.

The seven children of Nehemiah and Lydia (Regester) Baker were:

Mary Baker
Born: ca 1742
Died: Unknown
Married: William Reese son of Hannah Yarnall and Caleb Reese. Later married Philip Mendenhall.
Buried: Unknown

Joseph Baker
Born: May 29, 1745
Died: March 14, 1827

Married: Mary Yarnall (b. Jan. 24, 1752/d. Apr. 22, 1825) at Middletown (Hicksite) Cemetery 2 days later. Mary was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Hannens) Yarnall.
Buried: Unknown
Note: A cooper by trade. He cared for wounded at Valley Forge and Brandywine during the Revolutionary War.

Hannah Baker
Born: ca 1746
Died: Unknown
Married: Joseph Baker on Jan. 21, 1764


The following Abstract is not yet confirmed:

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 The wills of Chester Co., PA, 1778-1800, Will Abstracts

BAKER, JOSEPH. Edgmont. January 6, 1787. February 27, 1787.To wife Hannah all estate absolutely except wearing apparel to nephew Methusalem Davis.

Executors: Wife Hannah, brother-in-law Joseph Baker. Witnesses: John Worrall, Jesse Haines.

Lydia Baker
Born: Oct. 25, 1751
Died: Unknown
Married: John Richardson, on March 27, 1770, in Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA

Phebe Baker

Born: May 31, 1753
Died: 1800
Married: Aaron Baker (b. 1754) son of Aaron Baker and Mary Black or Elizabeth Regester

Nehemiah Baker
Born: 1754
Died: Jan. 31, 1817
Married: Anne Baker (b. 1758) daughter of Aaron Baker and Elizabeth Regester
Buried: Middletown (Hicksite) Burial Ground on Feb. 2, 1817.
Note: Letters granted Feb. 11, 1817, in his estate #1340 to Administrators William and Nehemiah Baker.

*Nathan Baker

Nathan Baker and Elizabeth (Baker) Baker; and later Hannah (Jordan) Baker

Nathan Baker
Born: 1757 in Edgemont Township
Died: October 20, 1804
Married: Elizabeth Baker at Old Swedes Church in Philadelphia, PA, on Sept. 3, 1772

Buried: Next to Elizabeth at Middletown Friends Cemetery on Oct. 21, 1804

Note: Nathan was a Farmer that moved to Chester County, Pa. around 1789. After Elizabeth's death, Nathan married Hannah Jordan (see below) before migrating to Washington County, PA. in about 1798 and settled in East Bethlehem township.
He was a Revolutionary soldier, his name appearing in 2nd Company of 7th Battalion, known as Edgemont Company,
Chester County Militia, commanded by Capt. Daniel Calvert and Colonel George Pierce-1780 and 82. Ref: Pa. Archives, 5th series, 5th volume, pp. 703, 796 and 849. Soon after settling in Washington County, Nathan returned to Chester County from Baltimore, MD, with a drove of horses, and while there took sick and died, and was buried beside his first wife, Elizabeth.


From Beers: Nathan Baker was a resident of New Jersey, and lived near Philadelphia for several years, finally removing with his family to Chester county, Penn. Afterward he purchased a farm of 150 acres in Washington county, near Fredericktown, where he managed a mill, drove stock and carried on the work of the farm.

Elizabeth Baker (Wife #1)
Born: 1760
Buried: Middletown Friends Cemetery on Nov. 24, 1794
Married: Nathan Baker
Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Aaron Baker (a son of Richard Baker). Note: Her maiden name was also 'Baker'.

Hannah Jordan <a widow> (Wife #2)
Born: Unknown

Buried: Unknown
Married: Nathan Baker
Note: Migrated with Nathan to Washington County, PA. Hannah was said to be the first white woman in Washington County.

The eight children of Nathan and Elizabeth (Baker) Baker were:

Aaron Baker
Born: 1775
Died: 1891
Married: Ruth Jordan
Residence: The old homestead on Fishpot Run.

Lydia Baker
Born: 1777
Died: 1824
Married: Benjamin Townsend
Residence: They migrated to Columbia County, OH

Nehemiah Baker
Born: 1779
Died: 1851
Married: Eliza Pyle (b. July 1793/d. July 4, 1825)
Residence: Settled in E. Bethlehem Township on a farm adjoining the old Baker homestead.

*David Baker

Mary Baker
Born: 1784
Died: Unknown
Married: Joshua Linton
Residence: Near Centerville

Joseph Baker
Born: July 9, 1786 in Maryland
Died: July 22, 1863
Married: Mary Corwin of Amwell Township (b. Nov. 1, 1797/d. July 20, 1868). Children: Eunice, born November 15, 1818; Alpheus, born May 27, 1821; Stephen, born June 8, 1824; Sophia, born September 29, 1826 (deceased August 9, 1840); Asenath, born August 22, 1829; Enoch, born April 5, 1832; Zachariah, born December 19, 1835; Ruth, born November 11, 1837, and David, born August 20, 1842.
Residence: Settled in Amwell Township
Notes: Joseph passed his early youth at home, attending the rate schools, and assisting in the farm duties. When seventeen years of age, his father died, and he then learned the carpenter's trade of Spencer McKay, which he followed many years. He first purchased the Miller  farm, comprising thirty acres, and in 1830 bought the place which is now the property of his son Zachariah, and here passed the remainder of his life. He was a successful business man, and his property represented the result of his own integrity, economy and perseverance. Politically he was formerly an Old-line Whig, afterward becoming a Republican. He and his wife were members of the Baptist Church at Mount Vernon.

Click here for son Enoch Baker's (born April 5, 1832), Civil War Veteran's Card File.

Enoch Baker

Born: Nov. 28, 1788 in Maryland
Died: Aug. 29, 1861
Married: Elizabeth Jennings of Lone Pile, Amwell Township
Buried: Both are buried at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, Ten Mile, PA, where they were members

by their profession of faith on Oct. 1, 1834.
Note: Enoch's mother died in 1794 when he was very young. He was a Blacksmith by trade with Nathan Pyle. He later worked as a journeyman with Christopher Slusher. He later purchased a farm on the road from Lone Pine to Ten Mile, where he spent the rest of his life. At one time he owned 55 acres in Amwell Township. In the 1850 Census, his real estate was valued at $8,313. Enoch was a Republican.

Nathan Baker
Born: 1791
Died: Unknown
Married: Abigail Ruble. Their children were Levi, Lavina, David, Mary Ann, Albert, Malinda, and Hiram.
Residence: Settled in Columbia County, OH

The four children of Nathan and Hannah (Jordan) Baker were:

William Baker
Born: 1797
Died: Unknown
Married: Elizabeth Corwin
Residence: Settled in Knox County, OH

Israel Baker
Born: 1799
Died: Unknown
Married: Mary Edwards
Residence: Settled in Licking County, OH

Hannah Baker
Born: 1801
Died: Unknown
Married: William Register
Residence: On a farm adjoining the old Baker homestead.

Mahlon Baker
Born: 1803
Died: Unknown
Married: Jane Craig
Residence: Settled in Greene, PA

David Baker and Margaret (Robins) Baker

David Baker
Born: ca 1781
Died: Unknown
Married: Margaret Robins; ca 1805
Buried: Unknown

Margaret Robins
Born: Feb. 10, 1780
Died: Mar. 20, 1852
Married: David Baker
Residence: David and Margaret lived near the old Baker homestead on Fishpot Run, Washington Co., PA, until death.
Buried: Unknown
Note: Daughter of Joseph and Jane [Hoopes] Robins

The seven children of David and Margaret (Robins) Baker were:

Click here for a rather frightful collage of David and Margaret's adult children.

Elizabeth Baker

Born: 1805
Died: 1872
Married: Thomas Horton

Hiram Baker
Born: 1807
Died: 1891
Married: Mary McDonough

Sarah Baker
Born: Nov. 9, 1813
Died: 1902
Married: Daniel Dunn, son of Samuel and Jane McIntyre Dunn

*Enoch Baker

Jane Robins Baker
Born: 1818
Died: 1878
Married: Benjamin White

Emeline C. Baker
Born: Sept. 24, 1823
Died: July 3rd, 1880. Buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Amwell Township
Married: Unmarried

Joseph Baker
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

Married: Unmarried

Enoch Baker and Margaret Cooper (Speers) Baker

Enoch Baker
Born: Dec. 25, 1815 in Beallsville Township, Washington County, PA.
Died: Jan. 7, 1882
Married: Margaret Speers
Residence: Moved to Ten Mile village in Amwell Township, Washington County, PA

Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery at Ten Mile village, Washington County, PA
Note: Enoch bought a farm nears Bakers Station on the old narrow gauge railroad between Waynesburg, Greene County and Washington, PA, known as "Sunset." Enoch was primarily a sheep farmer. He was a liberal supporter of the Presbyterian Church and active in community affairs, having held several township offices.

Images of Enoch Baker's Last Will and Testament: EnochBaker_WillPg1.JPG, EnochBaker_WillPg2.JPG, EnochBaker_WillPg3.JPG, EnochBaker_WillPg4.JPG, OR
Click here to view the transcribed version of Enoch Baker's Last Will and Testament.

Margaret Cooper Speers
Born: Sept. 29, 1822
Died: Apr. 12, 1912
Married: Enoch Baker
Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery at Ten Mile village, Washington County, PA

Note: Daughter of Apollos and Elizabeth (Cooper) Speers.

Click here for a picture of Margaret taken with her son David B. and his son Simon S. and his grandson Edward David Baker.
Click here for Margaret's obituary from the front page of the Washington Observer. Note: She shared the headlines with the Titanic disaster.

The eight children of Enoch and Margaret (Speers) Baker were:

Sarah Jane Baker
Born: Dec. 13, 1839
Died: May 24, 1893
Married: Albert Voorhees (I have a lot on Voorhees. See the link at the top of this web site).
Residence: Danville, IL

Nancy Maria Baker
Born: Jan. 24, 1843
Died: Aug. 24, 1900
Married: J. Newton Horn
Residence: Near Zollarsville, PA
Buried: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Ten Mile Village, PA
Note: After Nancy's death, Horn married Mattie E. Doak in April of 1902

Click here for a picture of Nancy Maria (Baker) Horn.

Click here for a picture of J. Newton Horn with Nancy Maria Baker (1st wife).

Click here for a picture of J. Newton Horn with Mattie Doak (2nd wife).

Click here for a picture of J. Newton Horn's Civil War reunion.

David B. Baker
Born: Dec. 18, 1845
Died: Apr. 24, 1920
Married: Sara Ann Strouse, b. 1846 d. June 16, 1918
Amity Presbyterian Cemetery has an Infant Daughter Baker born Jan. 17, 1876 to D. B. Baker and S. (Baker).

*Apollos S. Baker

Henry Speers Baker
Born: Oct. 12, 1856
Died: (Age 89 yrs.) Abt. 1945
Married: Nettie Elizabeth Boggess (b. June 10, 1862/d. July 20, 1945) on Feb. 27, 1884 near Catlin, IL. (Nettie was the dau. of Perry and Mary Boggess).
Residence: Vermilion County, IL
Children: Enoch P., Ralph Leslie, Charles Virgil, Froman C., Earl B. and Henry Raymond.
Note: A twin of Charles. Henry attended schools of Amwell twp., Washington Co., Pa. until age 21. During vacation he assisted his father on the farm. He removed to Vermilion Co., IL, in 1879. He worked for Silas Clark 3 yrs. Returned to Pa., not satisfied, he returned to the west. Henry and Nettie settled on farm now live (info from Past and Present of Vermilion Co., IL. 1903). Lived on sec. 24 Vance twp. 120 acres. (southwest of Fairmount, IL.) Raised Poland China hogs, horses, and cattle. Comfortable residence, large barns. Henry S. Baker was a member of Methodist Church.

Charles H. Baker
Born: Oct. 12, 1856
Died: Oct. 12, 1856
Married: No
Buried: Unknown
Note: A twin of Henry, Charles died at birth.

Clara Bell Baker
Born: Jan. 5, 1859
Died: Apr. 3, 1926
Married: William Hughes of Washington, PA
Residence: Unknown
Buried: Unknown

Frank Robins Baker
Born: July 12, 1862
Died: 1943
Married: Sarah Amanda Hamilton (b. Oct. 24, 1862/d. Mar. 19, 1904) on October 31, 1889
Residence: Amwell Township, Washington County, PA
Buried: Frank and both of his wives are at Washington Cemetery, Washington, PA
Note: After Sarah's death Frank married Winnifred L. McCleary (b. Nov. 2, 1872/d. Dec. 29, 1944) of Claysville on June 18, 1914. Winnie was born in East Finley Township, Washington County, PA, and was a public school teacher before her marriage to Frank.

Click here for a picture of Frank and Sarah.

Apollos S. Baker and Clara L. Clark; and later Sarah F. (Long) Baker

Apollos S. Baker
Born: Sept. 30, 1850
Died: June 1, 1925
Married: Twice
Residence: Sidell Township, near Jamaica, Vermilion County, IL
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Indianola, IL

Click here for a picture of the tombstone of Apollos, Sarah and Cora May Baker, taken at Woodlawn Cemetery. Also buried together at Woodlawn are Edith E. and Earl M. Brown.
Note: Last Will and Testament info. available. Apollos was a farmer. From Diary Keep of Byron Baker: He migrated to Illinois on Oct. 13, 1874 from Washington County, PA.
Click here for a JPEG picture of Apollos Baker's Obituary as published in the Danville Morning Press. Note: the newspaper misspelled Apollos' name. The correct spelling is verified through the Diary of his son Byron, Apollos' personal farm transaction records, probate records, local research, and his tombstone.
May 1886: A. S. Baker on board of directors of old Cannon school. (Cannon school was located 1 mile east of Jamaica, IL on southeast corner of first crossroads).
Apollos Baker lived where Earl Brown later lived. This house was on south side of the rd in sec. 25. This was a 2-story house built in the style of its era-probably late 1800's. E-mail me for pictures of the old homestead.
Click here for an image of A. S. Baker's farm plat.

Click here for a sitting portrait of Apollos Baker (probably taken while married to Clara).

Click here for an image of Apollos and Sarah Long's wedding invitation.

Click here for a picture of Apollos and his second wife Sarah (probably their wedding photo).

Click here for a picture of Apollos and his second wife Sarah on the porch at the farmhouse near Jamaica, IL.

Click here for another picture of Apollos and his second wife Sarah on the porch at the farmhouse near Jamaica, IL.

Click here for an image of a letter of condolence to Apollos, from his brother David B. Baker, after Sarah's passing.

Clara L. Clark (wife #1)
Born: Abt. 1858
Died: May 17, 1888 (Aged 29Yrs, 11M's, 25D's).
Married: Apollos Baker on August 29, 1877
Buried: Mt. Pisgah Cemetery (earlier Concord) Georgetown twp., Illinois, next to her parents in the southwest part of the cemetery.

Click here for a picture of Clara's tombstone, next to her parents, Silas and Nancy Clark, taken at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery.
Note: Daughter of Silas (d. Jan. 11, 1894) and Nancy Unkn (d. May 6, 1888). Silas aged 71Yrs. 3M's. 14D's. and Nancy aged 59Yrs. 6M's. 15D's.
Several Obituaries (see Catlin Clack) reference that Clara had been sick ever since her oldest was born. She died at the age of 30, just 11 days after her Mother, leaving 3 children, the youngest of which is 3 yrs.
Clara's Mother Nancy suffered from paralysis, due to a stroke that affected her throat, and died of strangulation.

Sarah F. Long (wife #2)
Born: Apr. 1, 1851

Died: Aug. 16, 1914 at 5:40 PM
Married: Apollos Baker at 2pm on Feb. 11, 1890, at the residence of Levi Long in Danville, IL
Residence: Sidell Township, near Jamaica, Vermilion County, IL
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Indianola, IL
Note: Daughter of Levi Long and Celia (Jones) Long (married Dec. 15, 18--). Levi Long (b. Oct. 20, 1810/d. Mar. 20, 1902). Celia Long (b. Nov. 17, 1810/d. June 5, 1876). Her parents and grand parents are all buried at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Georgetown Twp., Illinois

Click here for a picture of the tombstone of Sarah's parents, Levi and Celia R. Long, taken at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery. Numerous other Clarks are buried here.

The known children of Apollos and Clara L. Clark (wife #1) were:

Cora May Baker
Born: May 4, 1879
Died: Sept. 11, 1896
Married: No
Residence: near Jamaica, Vermilion County, IL
Buried: Next to Apollos and Sarah at Woodlawn Cemetery, Indianola, IL
Note: Cora died from Scrofula, which is a form of tuberculosis affecting the lymph nodes, especially of the neck, that is most common in children and is usually spread by unpasteurized milk from infected cows.
For a JPEG image of a sketch done on Cora by an unknown friend, probably shortly after cora's death in 1896, click here for the
Front Page, click here for the Back Page.

Fred Cooper Baker
Born: June 26, 1881
Died: July 30, 1976
Married: Mable Grey Perkins (b. July 03, 1884/d. May 04, 1959) on Sept. 7, 1904
Residence: Vermilion County, IL , then removed to Nebraska
Children: Howard Byron Baker, Velma Bell "Toots" Baker and George A. Baker

Edith Emma Baker
Born: Oct. 16, 1884
Died: Aug. 27, 1962
Married: Earl M. Brown (d. April 30, 1935) of Homer, IL on March 5, 1903
Buried: Both are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Indianola, IL

The only child of Apollos and Sarah (Long) Baker was:

*Byron Baker

Byron Baker and Lucile (Blair) Baker

Byron Baker
Born: Sept. 27, 1891
Died: October 04, 1930
Married: Lucile Blair
Residence: 1108 N. Franklin St., Danville, IL
Buried: Spring Hill Cemetery, Danville, IL
Note: Byron managed Apollos Baker's farm until his untimely death from asthma.

Click here for a picture of Byron's childhood home in Danville.

Images from Diary Keep of Byron Baker: BB-diary1.JPG, BB-diary2.JPG, BB-diary3.JPG, BB-diary4.JPG, BB-diary5.JPG

Click here for a picture of Byron and his dog 'Shep' on the farm.

Click here for a portrait of Byron Baker.

Images of a letter from Apollos to Byron and Lucile: ABletter_pg1.JPG, ABletter_pg2.JPG, ABletter_pg3.JPG, ABletter_pg4.JPG

Lucile Blair
Born: Oct. 12, 1893
Died: July 12, 1973
Married: Byron Baker. After Byron's death, she married Guy Baxter (d. Feb. 1972)
Residence: 1108 N. Franklin, Danville, IL
Buried: Spring Hill Cemetery, Danville, IL
Note: Daughter of Henry M. Blair (b. 11-10-1861 / d. 10-29-1912) and Katherine (Camel) Blair (b. 11-12-1860 / d. 12-13-1948). Known for smoking a corn cob pipe. Had a sister named Mabel (Blair) Beebe who resided next door on N. Franklin with her husband Horace Benjamin.

Click here for a picture of the headstones of Byron, Lucile, Kate and Henry Blair, taken at Spring Hill Cemetery.

Click here for a portrait of Lucile's Mother, Kate "Mamau" Blair while teaching.

The only child of Byron and Lucile (Blair) Baker was:

*Byron Robert Baker (Sr.)

Privacy Note: The following are living descendants in Texas. Information has been intentionally withheld to respect their privacy.

Byron Robert Baker, Sr. and Julie Baker

Byron R. Baker, Sr.
Born: 1926
Died: 1984
Married: Julie P. (daughter of Julian "Pete" and Clio P.)
Residence: Dallas, Texas
Note: Attended Danville High School. Served in the Merchant Marines. Later a prominent civil attorney in Dallas.

Click here for a childhood portrait of Byron Robert.

Click here for a boyhood portrait of Byron Robert.

Click here for a picture of Byron Robert with his Mother Lucile and her second husband Guy Baxter.

Click here for a portrait of Byron Robert at his law firm.

Click here for a picture of Byron Robert at home in Dallas after a hard day's work.

Click here for a picture of Byron Robert with a huge Tarpon caught off South Padre Island, Texas

Julie A. ________

The four children of Byron Robert Baker and Julie Baker are:

Byron R. Baker, Jr.


Thomas J. Baker

Blair D. Baker

Jill F. Baker
Died: December 29th, 2004 at 12:30am
Married: Wayne B. Neal of Dallas
Residence: Arlington, Texas
Buried: Cremation after memorial service
Note: Jill passed away from infections caused by a suppressed immune system resulting from chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia. Her first son was stillborn at full term. She is survived by her husband and second son.

As time permits, I will be adding valuable details of all of these fascinating check back in the near future.


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Portions reprinted with permission from the author. Other genealogies included in this book are: McCullough, Taylor, Tharp, Turner, Wilson and some Craig, Dunn, Woodward and Zollars.

To purchase the above book, send $29.50 (includes shipping & sales tax) to:
John A. McCullough
2934 S Bridge Rd., #10
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(2) Edgmont, Story of a Township; Jane Levis Carter

(3) Norma Elizabeth (Baker) McCullough, Author
Born: Aug. 18, 1907
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Note: I had the privilege of interviewing Ms. McCullough extensively about her work just before her passing.

(4) Ruth Young of Jamaica Twp., Vermilion Co., IL

Family researcher and member of several local historical societies including the Fairmount/Jamaica Historical Society.


(5) Family research by Blair Baker Email Me


Additional References

(1) Click here for a JPEG map of Friends Meeting House & Graveyard, Middletown Township (Hicksite).

This historic cemetery (currently Cumberland Cemetery) is located at 447 N. Middletown Rd. (1/2 mile north of Barren Rd.) in the town of Media, Pennsylvania, (Delaware County).


Cumberland Cemetery Co.
447 N. Middletown Rd.
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Click here for a Google map of the location of this cemetery.